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CDM Sustainable Development co-Benefits CDM Home

Sustainable Development co-Benefits tool
(SD Tool)
The SD Tool is a user-friendly survey used to create a detailed report describing the Sustainable Development co-Benefits of CDM projects and programmes of activities (PoAs) for submission to the UNFCCC secretariat for publication online.
The SD Tool is available to CDM project participants and coordinating/managing entities for use on a voluntary basis. The published reports are available to everyone online. 
   Step 1: Request access        Step 2: Complete        Step 3: Submit       Step 4: Promote

Step 1: Request Access

Project participants (PPs) and coordinating/managing entities (CMEs) can request access to the tool using the button below. The secretariat will respond to your request via email.

While you are waiting for a reply from the secretariat, take time to study how to report using the Sustainable Development co-Benefit indicators. Information can be found in the SD Tool user guide and in already-published SDC description reports. Use the information to guide your collection of the qualitative and quantitative data you will use to describe the co-benefits of your CDM activity.

Step 2: Complete

After receiving your request, the secretariat will configure the SD Tool to suit your CDM project or PoA. Thereafter a hyperlink will be emailed to you to access the SD Tool, and then you can complete the survey to describe the co-benefits of your project activity or PoA.
You will have access to the tool for your specific project or PoA for the duration of its life. This means you can update the information about the co-benefits being realized from the activity at any time.

Step 3: Submit

When you have completed the survey, click the submit button. This will generate your project’s Sustainable Development co-Benefits (SDC) description report. The secretariat will check to make sure that all of the fields in the survey have been filled and then publish the report on this site.

Step 4: Promote

You can use the SDC description report to promote the Sustainable Development co-Benefits of your CDM project activity or PoA.   

*For an alternative to using the online SD Tool, please complete the word document here. ​​​​​​